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Thanks for your help, Shepherdstown. Again!!

By Staff | Mar 19, 2010

Our friend Danny “Satch” Alwin entered the hospital in mid-January with a diagnosis no one wants to hear-Stage 4 cancer. His valiant efforts to stay independent were assisted by his great friends who sat with him and Sarah Carter who helped tremendously. Thanks to Jen and Erik Janus who made an amazing offer and to his sisters, Liz and Laura who took over the task of caring for him. His lack of health insurance prompted Chris Crawford to organize a benefit that took place Feb. 28 at the Shepherdstown Clarion Hotel.

I would like to thank Ken and Mary Lowe for the generous donation of the Clarion from 4-10pm and allowing food/drinks to be purchased by the patrons as it was held over the dinner hour. Thanks to the bands that once again donated their time for someone else. They are Treehouse, Genata Pinata (w/Lisa Lafferty), Todd Coyle & Friends (w/Don Oehser, Matt Robinson & Bill Unger), I Steadies (w/Greg Lloyd & John Turner), Giants of Tiny Town (w/T.V. Dave), the Shemacians and Love Machine. A special thanks goes out to Sam Felker of the I Steadies for driving two days from Florida to play a 50-minute set for Satch-what a friend. To Randall Cross for donating and running the lights, again.

Thanks to Chris Crawford and Greg Lloyd (stage manager) for keeping the bands on time. The PA was provided and run by Matt Robinson, Bill Unger, Jeff Kaufman & Todd Coyle and what a great job they did, everyone sounded fantastic. Thanks to Mary Ellen Wright-Lloyd and Sarah Soltow for keeping the door running smoothly and those who helped you; Benita Keller, Steve Parker, Sally Chapin, Mike Zagarella, Dena Hill and Fred Soltow.

The doors opened at 3 pm and people started coming 10 minutes later and never stopped. All of the Clarion’s parking spaces were filled by 7:30! Thank you to everyone who came and donated so generously, it was not uncommon to receive checks for well over the $10 donation, many for $150 for written. When all was said and done we made $5200.00 and another $200 from Paul Pfau who was performing at another venue and was kind enough to ask for donations. Thanks to all of you who couldn’t make it but still sent warm wishes as well as checks in the mail.

Satch made a herculean effort to be there and with the help of Liz and Laura he was able to enjoy the event in his honor. He was so humbled by the sheer number of people there and the caliber of musicians that donated their time for him. He took a turn for the worse later that night and passed away Saturday, March 13, surrounded by his loving family in his sister’s home.

He will be missed.

Lori Robertson

Chris Crawford