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AHA seeks new board members

By Staff | Apr 9, 2010

The Arts and Humanities Alliance of Jefferson County, W.V., is seeking nominations or volunteers to fill vacancies on the AHA Board of Directors. AHA members will elect the new board members at the AHA annual meeting Sunday, June 20. New board members will serve a three-year term on the 15-member, volunteer board.

AHA Nominating Committee Chairwoman Lois Turco said, “We are looking for candidates who live or work in Jefferson County, are actively committed to community service, and are willing and able to volunteer their time and efforts to support cultural and artistic events and programs for both children and adults in Jefferson County.”

For more information, call Lois Turco at (304) 876-9141 and visit AHA’s website at www.ahajc.org.

The mission of AHA, a volunteer, non-profit organization, is to preserve the rich history and culture of Jefferson County and to encourage creative opportunity for all its citizens.