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There comes a time when a mother must speak up

By Staff | May 7, 2010

I did not know who else to express this story to. I have a son who is 22 years old, with autism. We were at the movies, for the first showing of “Oceans.”

Other young children were talking, and babies were crying in the theatre. I was asked to quiet my adult son, or we would have to be asked to leave the theatre. My son makes sounds, he is not verbal. I have been taking him to the movies for years.

I have never been asked to leave. There comes a time, that I have to speak up for my son. I am his voice, I am so disappointed, and for him hurt that others are not compassionate to allow the freedom “WE” all have to enjoy life here.

My son Joshua S. Robey has every right to enjoy the quality of his life now, today. We live in 2010, last time I checked! Is this Discrimination? I believe it is.

Lisa Duff

Charles Town