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Specialty shop offers unique energy

By Staff | Jun 25, 2010

Alexandria, Va., resident Anita Iorizzo, right, looks over some merchandise as she completes a purchase at the German Street shop On the Wings of Dreams, whose employee, Herb Clark, is also pictured. Chronicle photo by Michael Theis

In 2003, Laura Rau couldn’t shake the blues, so she visited her favorite store and stumble upon its owner contemplating selling the shop. Fate would have it, Laura was ready for the challenge. Lo and behold, Rau became the new owner of the four-year old boutique On the Wings of Dreams.

On the Wings of Dreams, located at 139 W. German St. in Shepherdstown is a unique and eclectic store on the main shopping strip in town.

With Native American jewelry, healing gemstones and Buddhist literature, anyone can find something to fit their mood.

Coming from a 20-year career in the corporate world, Rau felt the energy she experienced as a regular coming into the store, was exactly what she needed in her new endeavor, and took the leap into life as a small business owner.

She made sure she carried on the calming, uplifting mood customers get when they walk in. To her, the store is the perfect place to go to on a bad day.

The store gives that vibe thanks due in part to Rau’s personal interests. She offers products that she would enjoy and that help herself, and others, find a place for reflection for their spiritual practices and healings.

“These products are unique in the energy and offerings for people out there in the spiritual and healing communities,” Rau says. “We receive our biggest support from that community it’s beyond the town. It’s a regional following.”

And that support is exactly what Rau looked for when she left her job as an environmental health and safety specialist. She wanted to give service to a community and go home knowing she had done something with her workday. “Something beautiful always happens in this little shop,” she said.

The little shop is also part of a bigger community on German Street. Rau thinks that the healing history of the street itself, dating to the Civil War when soldiers were brought here to recover, has made it such a vortex to draw people in. She believes the vibrant energy attracts people.

Any and all are welcome to her store, day trippers from bigger cities and locals. Rau will be offering workshops at O’Hurley’s General Store on how to work with crystals and gemstones throughout the summer, and those precious stones can be found in her shop.

She hopes customers see her store as a place for exploration and seeking. If you have questions, she hopes to help you find them or at least give you direction.

And while you’re in there, say hello to the official greeter Sedona, the border collie/ golden retriever mix . . . always waiting for a good back rub.