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Catch up with India and start developing greener devices

By Staff | Jul 9, 2010

Learn about the world’s most affordable quality solar lamp. It is the perfect replacement for kerosene lanterns in the home, workplace, or on the go.

These lanterns sell for around $10, were developed by an Indian firm, which is going global with this product that will change the lives of billions of people and save dollars, cut down on use of oil, and improve health.

Why aren’t American companies focusing more on developing and producing a wide range of these type of green solutions, instead of old-fashioned products that continue to use energy from oil sources? We really need to get moving before we fall behind third world countries.

For more information on this latest advancement see www.dlightdesign.com/home_global.php and also visit the Shepherd University Research Corporation web site at www.shepherd.edu/surc/cosi green/

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