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Shepherdstown Police Department was helpful, friendly in family’s time of need

By Staff | Jul 9, 2010

On Sunday afternoon, June 6th, while strolling around your city, weenjoyed coffee at the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop. Unfortunately, my wifeleft her purse in the ladies room and we didn’t discover this until much later when we arrived in Frederick, Md.

The bakery was closed, so I phoned the police department, spoke with the dispatch lady and described our problem. Soon, Sgt. David Ransom called andsaid he would call us again shortly. Within an hour, Sgt. Ransom had located someone at the now closed bakery, had retireved the purse and said it would be secured at the police station.

You can imagine the relief, for in this day and time the loss of critical personal identity is a nightmare. I’ve sent an e-mail to the police chief and want you and your colleagues on the town council to know how appreciative we are for this outstanding service. Please thank the police chief and Sgt. Ransom, personally,for us.

One closing point. My first desperate call from Frederick (before calling the police) was to the fire department and, to my surprise,no one knew anyone who owned, managed, or worked at the bakery and could not help us by making a phone call! Some quiet day, you might introduce the fire chief to the bakery staff.


Frank Lewis

Angier, N.C.