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If you don’t need help, don’t scream ‘HELP!’

By Staff | Jul 23, 2010

The sun rises on the 5th of July. After a night of camping along the banks of one of our beautiful rivers, you lie quietly and reflect on the 4th of July.

Suddenly, out of the bright blue morning light, you hear someone SCREAM for “HELP!” This is a real outburst; not a whimper, but a SCREAM. You do not hesitate.

I’d like to remind folks who have guests from out of town to ask them to please not yell “HELP” unless they are truly in dire straits. This 4th of July weekend, my husband nearly busted his tail running through deep woods and across streams, bogs and ravines to reach a woman who yelled for help. She yelled for help because her dog was chasing animals and she became frightened by a cat! [For crying out loud!] My husband got some nasty scratches and briar stickers trying to reach her. I suppose there are some people who scream when things go out of their “control” or when they see a snake or spider. Please, ask your visitors to also yell “I’m OK” if they accidentally blurt out “HELP!” Or, maybe people feel if they are in the “country” then they can just scream here. Okay, go ahead and yell the Rebel Yell or sing “I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandy” at the top of your lungs. But, please don’t yell you need help unless you mean it. Folks in our blessed area of this county will come to help you immediately. I’m telling you, they will risk their very limps for you. So, please remember to tell you’re visitors not to cry wolf. They probably don’t know any better. It will save a lot of skin off our knees, knuckles and reddened faces.

Roxanne Shields

Shenandoah Junction