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Craftworks program focuses on development

By Staff | Aug 13, 2010

CHARLES?TOWN?- Advancing Artists encourages professional development for those who want to produce their craft for sale. This will be achieved by offering classes, workshops and lectures. CraftWorks brings knowledgeable people to inspire and teach business and marketing skills to creative minds.

This series begins with the seemingly simple question: “Who are you and why do you do what you do?”

By creating an artist statement and writing about themselves and their work, the artists gain insight about what makes themselves and their art distinctive and original – an essential self-knowledge as artists market themselves and their work to the public. Courses on e-commerce, grant writing, working with media and how to write a business plan are in development as well.

The overall goal of the Advancing Artists Program is to create opportunities for craftpersons that will, in turn, enhance the artistic community and enrich cultural growth.

Core Series Level I includes the following classes:

Artist Statement, taught by Nancy McKeithen;

Writing to Sell Your Art, taught by McKeithen;

Writing for Websites, Brochures and Press Releases, taught by McKeithen;

Your Art in Person, taught by David Lillard;

Building a Website Presence, taught by Rip Smith; and

Basics of Business for Your Art, teacher to be announced.

Advanced Series Level II includes the following:

These workshops and classes will not be part of the series, but will be offered every couple of months as master classes. Although a part of the Advancing Artist Program, these classes are designed so they can be taken by anyone who is interested in the subject.

Blogs and Social Networks;

Working with Pay Pal and E-commerce;

Developing a Business Plan