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By Staff | Aug 27, 2010

Kay Bresee, vice chairwoman of the Jefferson County Democrats, speaks with former Jefferson County Clerk John Ott at the Jefferson County Fair on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Michael Theis)

LEETOWN – There is a lot to do and see at the Jefferson County Fair and among the many exhibits and rides are a small group of people who would like your vote.

With the general election coming Nov. 2, several local politicians recently were meeting and speaking with the citizens of Jefferson County at the fair.

Walt Pellish, a Republican running for the County Commission, was walking around the grounds meeting people as they walked by.

“I like campaigning here,” Pellish said. “The people who stop and say hello are terrific people. It’s great to see so many people. I’m amazed at all the pride that goes into the competition with the animals. The pride they show says it all.”

John Unger, D-Berkeley, is running for re-election to the state Senate and has his own booth, which looks like a small house. He loves the fair and the interaction with the people.

Democrats Ronda Lehman, who is running for Jefferson County Clerk, and incumbent Jefferson County Commissioner Dale Manuel, are among those campaigning at the fair. (Photo by James P. Whipple)

“I love the county fairs,” Unger said. “It’s so good to be out here and to see so many people and to talk to then. Some have problems while others just want to wish you well. It’s a great way to campaign.”

Dale Manuel, incumbent Jefferson County commissioner, was standing in front of the Democratic Party booth, handing out pens to passersby.

“This is a good way to campaign,” he said. “It’s good to be able to talk to people about the issues.”

He noted that so far the turn out had been good.

“A lot of people have stopped by the booth just to say hello,” Manuel said. “Campaigning here at the fair is great. It’s so good to see such a great turn out,”

Walter Pellish, Republican candidate for County Commission, and Margaret Walker, the wife of state Delegate Terry Walker, D-Jefferson, take time for a photo. (Photo by James P. Whipple)

This is Ronda Lehman’s first campaign. The Democrat is running for Jefferson County Clerk and looking forward to November.

“I love the fair.” She said. “I’ve been going from door to door, and here people are coming to me. It’s so nice to meet so many people.”

Patience Wait and state Sen. John Unger, D-Berkeley, are seen outside his booth. (Photo by James P. Whipple)