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Parks’ fixup costs less than expected

By Staff | Aug 27, 2010

SHEPHERDSTOWN – Members of Shepherdstown’s Parks and Recreation Committee were pleased to hear that the upgrades to two municipal parks have come in under budget, although exact numbers were not available at Tuesday’s Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.

Mayor James Auxer said the cost figures were not available Tuesday because many of Shepherdstown’s financial records have yet to be unpacked as a result of their recent move to the interim Town Hall on Princess Street.

Municipal operations were moved to a temporary site last week while the old Town Hall on King Street is razed and a new, larger facility is built there.

In June, Shepherdstown Town Council unanimously approved a recommendation by the committee to award Martinsburg-based Taylor Sports and Recreation a contract to overhaul Cullison Park on Rocky Street and Bane Harris Park on West High Street.

TSR was the only company that submitted a bid on the projects. Public Works Director Frank Welch, in an interview Wednesday, said the town has worked with TSR in the past.

TSR is one of the only companies in the area that is listed as playground equipment suppliers and Welch was interested in working with a local company.

TSR’s bid to overhaul the two parks estimated the total cost to be about $14,000 split almost evenly between Cullison Park and Bane Harris Park.

The Cullison Park overhaul was projected to run around $7,000 and included an expansion of the fall area around the swingsets, installing engineered wood chips, installing borders around the play area and the repositioning of some equipment.

The Bane Harris Park overhaul was projected to run around $6,800. TSR cutout the borders and extended the asphalt pathway to make the playground handicap accessible. Citing age, and deterioration, the TSR bid also called for the swings to be removed and replaced with a T-post swing with one belt seat and one toddler seat.