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Train Station event set

By Staff | Oct 8, 2010

Although passenger rail traffic in and out of Shepherdstown stopped in 1957, the town’s beloved train station has never stopped chuggin’ along as a key part of the community. (Well, there was that 40-year period when the station sat unused, but let’s not think about that now.)

With the station’s opening, rail traffic moved the town forward in tandem with the nation moving forward. Same-day mail service, speedier delivery of goods and services, and speedy personal travel changed life forever. Rail service meant that you could get to Hagerstown in about an hour, rather than taking nearly all day by horse.

Ever since the station was adopted by a concerned and civic-minded group of local citizens headed up by local railroads authority Jack Snyder, life in our community has been that much better, as the Station provides a cherished venue for all types of music, dance and merry-making. The Station’s “good vibe” is palpable the moment you walk in the door.

It is time to celebrate the Station at Shepherdstown. Visit the Station and celebrate its 100th birthday from noon to 6 p.m. on Oct. 16 and enjoy a family-friendly time of music, art, story-telling and more. SU students and alumni, we hope you will make the celebration a part of your homecoming weekend this year.

Thank you, Station at Shepherdstown!