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RESA 8 offers Jefferson EMS?providers a training class

By Staff | Jan 14, 2011

A new class for a new generation of EMS providers was offered by RESA 8 in Shepherdstown.

18 EMS providers from Jefferson County attended the new training to better prepare themselves to assist individuals with developmental disabilities. Many responders have realized unique perspectives are required to provide care for this population.

Those attending the class were Teresa Cain, Mary Carlisle, Garrett Carlisle, Marshall DeMeritt, Jonathan Fink, Barbara Fulkrod, Pam Fulkrod, Amy Goodman, Donna Harmison. Tammy Kenney, Zachery Morgan, Shawn Moxley, Patti Muse, Elizabeth Nester, Jeffrey Plautz, Travis Shroades, Charlie Sisson and Barry Teter.

The West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council has partnered with the West Virginia Public Service Training. Funding was made possible through a grant awarded by the disabilities council. The course took over a year to create, but it will fill the gap in EMS knowledge.

Initially, they will implement the training in all eight counties of RESA 8. Responders input will be used to improve the course and then it will be implemented state wide.

For more information, contact David Plume at 304-267-3595.