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Poetry contest winners

By Staff | Feb 11, 2011

Shepherdstown Middle School teacher Cheryl Reilly’s 8th grade students will have poems published in Creative Communication, an anthology of student poems. The students won spots in the anthology after authoring poems for the Creative Communication nationwide poetry and essay contest.

= Entree

The wind is aggressive in the winter. The wind always

exaggerates itself. The white sparkling snow

accumulating on the ground. The unnecessary snow fall

cold, dreary, but as white as marshmallows. It’s a

challenge just not to fall on the cold, wet, snow

– Nathalie Walker, Grade 8

Shepherdstown Middle School

= The Race

Proceed to the finish line

ready to go

anticipation fills the air

nervous, excited

runners get set, go

off, speedy and quick

wind blowing through my hair

blazing, scorching sun

dry mouth

sweat dripping down my face

pushing myself, harder

adrenaline rush

– Madelynne King, Grade 8

= My Two Sisters

I have two sisters

I have two friends

I have two angels

I have two guardians

I have two role models

I have two wonders

I have two beauties

I have two sisters forever filled with love.

– Lucia Valentine, Grade 8

= Family

The ones who love us,

Who care for us,

Who play with us,

These are the people we love.

Family is like our blood streams.

We flow together forever.

When some are gone, we mourn.

We bring new family into the world,

But we never fill the gap,

For it reminds us of those who are gone.

When some go, others come.

That is how we flow

Those who disrupt the flow are gone.

When people are gone, we mourn forever.

We never let go of them.

We hold on until we are gone.

That is what family does for each other.

When we go, we will be mourned by our children

And, hopefully, by our children’s children.

When they mourn, they will remember,

And when they remember, they will mourn.

Sadness is hard to deal with,

But those who have to, will be okay.

– Victoria Schaefer, Grade 8