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Department traveling to Japan in March

By Staff | Feb 25, 2011

The Department of Contemporary Art and Theater is traveling to Japan, March 2012. The public is welcome to participate in this 11-day excursion to the Japan. The tour that includes three days in Tokyo, one in Hakone, three in Kyoto, one in Hiroshima and one in Osaka.

Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun with the Shepherd Department of Contemporary Art & Theater to discover the unique cultural and unparalleled landscapes of Japan. Walk through sacred Shinto shrines, watch artisans’ fashion traditional crafts and ride the world-class bullet train. A visit to Japan lets you experience 11 centuries of history and cutting edge modernity, all in the same trip. Emerge with a comprehensive view of how Japan’s culture and vibrant traditions influence the promising future of this ancient land.

The tour will be an Education First Tour (EFTours). The department has utilized EFTours for over 20 years. By enrolling now participants will have a year to make monthly payments and have the tour paid off a few months before the actual trip. The department will be offering a course in conjunction with the tour during Spring 2012.

The package price includes round trip air from Washington, D.C., area, hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinner during the stay in Japan, all excursions listed on the itinerary. This is an inclusive package. The price is based on 20 paying participants, the more participants the lower the cost per participant. Prices will go up after February and will continue to rise each month. You are encouraged to enroll early to insure the lowest possible cost to you.

The course taught by Rhonda Smith will familiarize participants with Japanese art forms and the significance of particular sites. Artists, movements and styles will be discussed to help enrich the on-site experience of the tour. While in Japan knowledgeable city guides and a full-time bilingual tour consultant to help us understand the history will accompany the group.

For additional information, contact Rhonda Smith at rsmith@shepherd.edu

Tour Itinerary may be viewed at: shepherd.abroadoffice.net/internal-program-description-Department-of-Contemporary-Art-Theater-Japan-Land-of-the-Rising-Sun-52177-123.html

It is also possible to enroll from this site. To enroll you will need a credit card to pay the $95 enrollment fee.