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Garden Club visits Thomas Shepherd Grist Mill

By Staff | Apr 15, 2011
(Chronicle photos by Kelly Cambrel) Kelch leads members on a tour.
The Thomas Shepherd Grist Mill exists as a part of the living history of Shepherdstown. The Mill was established by Shepherdstown namesake, Thomas Shepherd prior to 1739 near the Potomac River, as a location for the processing of wheat. The mill is considered an important impetus to the creation of the town of Mecklenburg, which was renamed ‘Shepherdstown’ following Shepherd's death in 1776.
The West Virginia Garden Club held its 81st Annual Convention in Shepherdstown for the first time in 25 years last weekend. The convention, which began Thursday, April 7, included excursions to the historic Thomas Shepherd Grist Mill, owned and operated by resident Kelch, as well a tour of the National Conservation Training Center located just outside of Shepherdstown.

Friday afternoon Patrinka Kelch led Garden Club members on a tour of the Thomas Shepherd Grist Mill she privately maintains and calls home.