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Alliance to collect gulf data

By Staff | Apr 29, 2011

Skytruth, SouthWings and Waterkeeper Alliance recently launched the Gulf Monitoring Consortium, an innovative partnership that is systematically monitoring oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico with satellite images and mapping, aerial reconnaissance and photography and on-the-water observation and sampling.

This effort will collect and publish images, observations and sampling data of the Gulf of Mexico to rapidly respond to reported and suspected oil pollution incidents.

SkyTruth, SouthWings and the Waterkeeper Alliance worked collaboratively during the 2010 Gulf disaster to use their unique expertise to bring the truth about the spill to the public. This newly formed alliance will actively bear witness to current, ongoing and future oil pollution.

During the BP spill SkyTruth, SouthWings and the Waterkeeper Alliance detected and documented an unrelated chronic leak from a platform destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The Gulf Monitoring Consortium is a rapid response alliance that collects, analyzes and publishes images and other information.