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Public should participate in August hearing

By Staff | Jul 22, 2011

Residents have a chance next month to make their voices heard about changes the planning commission will recommend be made to Title 9’s section on fences.

We at The Shepherdstown Chronicle believe it is in locals’ best interest to attend the public hearing that will take place at Town Hall on Aug. 15 so they can consider the amendments to the fence section and hash through them with commissioners. Even if residents do not believe this affects them now, it could influence an application they submit to the board in the future.

The planning commission’s subcommittee has worked on revisions to the Title 9 section, which will replace Section 802 with 803, for months. Ready for public feedback, the fence committee, the subcommittee of the planning commission, will present at the public hearing on Aug. 15.

Commissioner Kathryn Bragg-Stella said the revisions further clarify the ordinance while Commissioner Karene Motivans added the amendments were in the “same spirit of the original fence ordinance.”

This is the democratic process working at its best. The public opinion needs to be heard, and the planning commission wants community members’ participation to make the town’s ordinance work best for the board and for the town’s residents.

Do not miss this public hearing if you want your input to be heard.