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A more vibrant town with the students

By Staff | Aug 5, 2011

As we set out on the month of August, perhaps the biggest event to look forward to in the coming weeks is the return of the Shepherd University student population.

After what was the Contemporary American Theater Festival’s banner season, the streets have quieted once again in our historic Shepherdstown. They will remain so just long enough for residents and business owners alike to catch their breaths before an influx of the town’s population happens about mid-month.

Like Garth Janssen, owner of Lost Dog Coffee, believes, we at The Shepherdstown Chronicle also agree the town is more vibrant with students bustling about.

But it’s not just that.

Students bring business to various venues and shops in town that are within their means. We hope to see more students getting out and taking advantage of what is available about town this year as well as more partnerships between the university and town establishments.

This year, Blue Moon is working alongside Shepherd for its Late Night in the zone event, a meet-and-greet for new and incoming students.

So, until the masses trickle into Shepherdstown, enjoy the next couple of weeks of peace. But await the vibrancy ahead.

For more on how businesses are preparing for the student return, read the story on Page 3.