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‘Identity Crisis’ event to be held

By Staff | Aug 12, 2011

‘Identity Crisis 2011’ is a fundraiser to raise money for a local individual suffering from cancer. (submitted)

Local residents will host “Identity Crisis 2011,” as part of a weekend of events organized to raise funds for a Shepherdstown resident battling cancer.

Tara Sanders Lowe, who organized “Identity Crisis” for the second year, said that she decided to raise funds on behalf of Brenda Doss as part of what she hopes will become an annual fundraising event for cancer.

The event, she said, began last summer as a social engagement for local women.

While visiting The Locked Door in Hagerstown to buy wigs for this year’s event, Lowe discovered that the majority of wigs sold there go to people receiving chemotherapy as a part of their cancer treatment.

The conversation Lowe had with the staff at The Locked Door inspired her to turn the “Identity Crisis” social outing into something different.

She said she thought, “We’re going to be doing this anyway, so it should go to a good cause.”

Lowe said that the event will incorporate contributions from at least eight local business including, Stonewall’s Pub (Tony’s), the Mecklenburg Inn, Devonshire Arms Pub, Shepherdstown Opera House, Yellow Brick Bank, Yorkshire Pub and Bistro112.

“Everybody is trying to jump on board and give something,” she said.

The evening will kick off with a private fundraising event at the Blue Moon Cafe, followed by a $10 VIP “pre-party” from which proceeds will go to Doss.

Participants are then invited to change their identities with wigs or costumes, go out to any local participating bar or restaurant and order the “Brenda Drink.”

Hypnocoffee, Plum and the Morgan’s Grove Market will all have special offers in conjunction with the Identity Crisis fundraising event.

The Morgan’s Grove Market will hold a special event Saturday morning in support of Doss.

Called “Corn for a Cause,” all proceeds from the sale of corn will go to help Doss.

Peter Corum, market organizer, described Doss as a personal friend as well as a town fixture and said he and his wife felt “compelled to help.”

“We just want to help people in our community,” he said

Along with the sale of corn, the Morgan’s Grove Market will be accepting any and all donations on behalf of Doss.

Corum described events like “Identity Crisis” and “Corn for a Cause” as the types of things that “make Shepherdstown special.”

More information about the Identity Crisis event and “Corn for a Cause” can be found on Facebook.