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Community should provide feedback about pool

By Staff | Aug 26, 2011

It is apparent that the Shepherdstown Men’s Club cares for this town.

Members open the War Memorial Building doors for various functions, put on events and fundraisers of their own as well as act as stewards to the town and local Morgan’s Grove Park.

Now, with a potential donor willing to contribute funds to the installation of a pool at the park, the SMC is looking for your input on the matter.

Though families right now have the opportunity to utilize the Clarion and Shepherd University Wellness Center’s pools, the SMC wants to give community members an outdoor option that has the potential for other activities – like perhaps a local swim team.

SMC members want to gauge locals’ thoughts, concerns and/or excitement for such an undertaking, engaging the community to determine if this idea will become a reality or not.

“I don’t see the men’s club meeting as the final decision point,” Austin said in an interview earlier this week, proving that the SMC is still all about serving the town.

So we at The Chronicle encourage locals to express their thoughts and feelings to SMC members. This could be a wonderful asset to our town, but there are concerns that need to be addressed – construction and how that affects park patrons, preservation of the park’s history, how the pool will be fully funded and sustained and if the SMC will definitely be able to work such a facility into a new lease with the county.