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Lifelong learning just what we’re looking for

By Staff | Sep 22, 2011

What! No tests?

Yesthat’s right! You have the opportunity to participate in a new adult learning program at Shepherd University which features interesting and topical courses. Learning for the joy of learning – with no exams, no required college degree and no age threshold.

When we moved to Shepherdstown from Northern Virginia a number of years ago we were excited about all of the stimulating activities we would be able to participate in – including those associated with living in a small college town. We have not been disappointed in the least as we have taken advantage of the “Magic That Is Shepherdstown.”

However, there was one activity that we enjoyed in Northern Virginia that was not available here. We had participated in a Learning In Retirement program at George Mason University in Fairfax. We were hopeful that Shepherd University would have such a program. That did not prove to be the case back then. But – timesthey are a-changing!

Commencing in October, Shepherd University is launching a “Lifelong Learning Program” – dedicated to meeting the interests of the mature members of our community who wish to engage in stimulating and fun discussions and activities in an academic setting.

We are hopeful that members of the community will be as excited as we are about this new program being offered at Shepherd. Why not visit the website (www.shepherd.edu/lifelonglearning/ ) and find out more about this new and exciting learning opportunity available to each of us?

Why not dust off that old school lunch box? We would love to be your classmates!!

Jack and Martha Young