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Charges for Gov. Tomblin

By Staff | Oct 7, 2011

With Earl Ray Tomblin officially occupying the governor seat until another election in 2012, we at The Shepherdstown Chronicle are charging him to address issues pertinent to the Eastern Panhandle.

Hailing from the southern coalfields, Tomblin has been participating in state politics long enough to know that while some of the needs of the people and businesses in this state might be similar – jobs, incentives, tax relief, etcetera – culturally this state is diverse dependent upon the region.

Far from coal mines and Marcellus shale beds, the Eastern Panhandle’s issues revolve around continuing to bring in, and retain, businesses for the growing population here.

We need highway infrastructure to support continuing growth, so a solid relationship with officials on the federal level is a must to benefit this area.

And, of course, one issue that has continued to affect the Shepherdstown area, thus directly affecting downtown businesses, is the parking problem.

We hope Tomblin cannot only work with this area but the entire state on the issues affecting them while keeping the budget in the black. This is a thriving area, and we hope to continue on that path with this governor who is no longer in the interim position.