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Positive interaction a good thing

By Staff | Jan 27, 2012

With the potential for negativity and perhaps even dangerous activity via modern technology, the use the information highway for positive interaction is always a good thing.

In our community over the past week, there have been several tragic and potentially tragic events which have shown that the good in people still exists. Facebook, one of the most popular tools of instant communication available, has proven to offer a location where folks can join together in a common room of sharing information as well as offering support to others.

The loss of two individuals in a fire in Shenandoah Junction as well as the loss of a young man’s life in an automobile accident in Summit Point drew individuals together to offer support to those families if only via a line or two on a computer screen.

At the same time, a premature baby faced uphill struggles to breath and his parents faced a possibility of losing their young son. Baby Gavin Watson is doing well, according to last reports and thanks is given for the miracle of modern medicine and the hand of a higher being.

For each of these instances and many more we are likely not aware of, the use of something as simple as Facebook offered kind words and prayers for each of these families. Many words went out from individuals who don’t know the families personally or who don’t know them well. Regardless, the words provided inspiration and knowledge that someone “out there” cared enough to type a message.

The use of Facebook and Twitter or even email, which is now the slower of the mediums available, allow us all to reach out and touch someone with a word or action. It is satisfying to note that those words are positive and provide encouragement to the recipients. Too many times words can be used in a hurtful manner either intentionally or not.

To have just the opposite happen allows one to see the positive side of human nature. Oh that we should all strive to reach that positive side more often and provide comfort or kindness wherever we comment.