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Hunt Commences after bear is spotted on SU Campus

By Staff | May 30, 2013

Members of both the Shepherdstown PD and Shepherd University Police spent the afternoon searching local woods for a black bear, following sightings reported on Shepherd University’s campus.

Around 2 p.m. the bear was reportedly first spotted near Shepherd University’s Admissions Office in Stutzman-Slonaker Hall, at the corner of High and King Streets.

According to SU Admissions staff member, Beth Cole, the bear was seen on campus for a matter of moments before making its way toward Shepherdstown’s downtown area.

“He was right underneath my window!” she said.

The bear was said to be “three inches taller than a park bench,” according to Cole, who believed it was likely an adult male.

After quickly snapping a picture, Cole reported seeing the bear chased through campus by multiple vehicles.

“He’s definitely not in Shepherdstown anymore,” she said.

“He was running.”

Despite what Cole described as a busy summer day on campus, no incidents involving the bear have been reported.

In a phone call this afternoon, Police Chief David Ransom described the events as were reported to him.

“The bear worked its way from High St. to South Duke St,” he said.

Ransom ordered a lock down of both Shepherdstown Elementary School and Shepherdstown Middle School as precautionary measure.

Alerts were also sent out via the Corporation of Shepherdstown as well as Shepherd University’s RAVE alert system.

According to the chief, a witness last saw the bear seen running through a large field into a wooded area across from Fairmont Ave. near Elmwood Cemetery.

Chief Ransom, along with SU Police Officers Kelvington, Brown and SU Police Chief McAvoy searched for the bear, but found no evidence of it nearly an hour after it was first spotted.

Chief Ransom has asked local residents to remain observant and cautious.

Any further sightings can be reported to Shepherdstown Police at 304-876-6036 or by calling 911.