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Barron retiring from JSB, will still serve

By Staff | Jan 5, 2018

Toni Milbourne/Chronicle Dennis Barron is retiring from Jefferson Security Bank after 44 years. JSB?was his second job.

Concluding a 44-year career in only his second job, Dennis Barron made his retirement from Jefferson Security Bank official last week.

Barron said his only other job was working for Albert Kave at Kave’s Market, which used to be on German Street.

Mr. Kave “got me into the bank. He encouraged me to apply because he thought I would fit in,” Barron said Friday, his last official day serving as the bank’s executive vice president and chief operations officer.

While Barron won’t be coming to work every day – something he said will feel very strange to him – he’ll still be involved with Jefferson Security Bank as the newest member of the company’s Board of Directors.

“You cannot replace someone like Denny Barron,” said Jefferson Security Bank CEO Cindy Kitner, in a statement announcing his retirement. “For so many years, Denny has been the face of JSB and an integral member of our team. His leadership at the bank and throughout the community has influenced so many lives for the better.”

Barron will join the Board of Directors of Jefferson Security Bank beginning in 2018. This appointment marks the first time a former employee has been appointed to the Board of Directors.

“Denny will be a great asset to the board,” said board chair Frederick Parsons. “His years of experience with the bank and time spent with our customers will bring an incredible amount of knowledge.”

Barron, 66, said he loves his job at the bank, but felt that retiring on a “high note” while he’s still active makes this the right time for a change.

Barron says he plans to remain active in his community, serving in many volunteer capacities.

A native of Shepherdstown, Barron graduated from Shepherd University in 1973 and began working at the bank in 1974. In his youth, he was an outstanding member of the Jefferson County 4-H, receiving the organization’s highest recognition for young members, and he has remained active in 4-H throughout his adult life, serving in many leadership positions.

Barron said he plans to become more active at Camp Frame, the 4-H camp in Berkeley County.

“The fair and 4-H have been a part of my life for a long time,” Barron said. At the Jefferson County Fair, Barron has served on the same committee since 1975 and can be found organizing and overseeing all brands of entertainment at the August event.

“I haven’t missed many fair board meetings over the years,” he said.

In addition to his work with the fair and 4-H, Barron has served faithfully as the Shepherdstown Fire Department’s Shepherdstown Fire Department’s treasurer for the past 28 years.

“People say I have the hardest job at the fire department, but I don’t,” Barron said. He explained that his volunteerism in every organization has always fallen into the administrative realm. He plans to continue these positions, as well as serving on the Local School Improvement Council for Shepherdstown Elementary School.

“I might join the Wellness Center,” Barron added.

Looking around his office at the bank on Friday, Barron pointed out the typewriter sitting on his desk.

“I still use it. I can type an envelope so much quicker with it than a computer,” he said with a laugh. He said he also has one at home, which he uses regularly for the forms he has to complete for the state to report the bingo operations information for the fire department.

“The bank has been through many changes,” he said about the technology. In addition to the typewriter, Barron also has an adding machine that was once used on a daily basis at the bank.

“It used to be all manual work,” he said. He pulled a flip phone from his pocket, pointing out that most people now check everything on their smartphones. He believes the advances in technology will only continue moving forward.

Throughout the day Friday, many of Barron’s friends and customers came to offer well wishes. He joked that he wouldn’t be getting much work done that day, but the face of Denny Barron has brought much more to the bank in Shepherdstown than a day or business. He has helped maintain relationships with scores of customers over the years will continue to remain a key part of the business for years to come.

The extent of his community involvement can also be seen in the many recognitions he has received from his peers. Barron’s awards and achievments include an induction into the West Virginia 4-H Hall of Fame and as a Citizen of the Year given by the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce in 1989. In addition, he was recognized as the Distinguished Citizen of the Year by the Mannahoac District of the Shenandoah Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Barron has received countless other awards and recognitions for his volunteer work and community leadership, including 1991 Shepherdstown High School Outstanding Alumni, Shepherd College outstanding Alumnus Professional Award, Shepherdstown Rotary Paul Harris Award and the Excellence in Community Service Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution.

A lifelong resident of Shepherdstown, Barron said that while it’s time to retire, he doesn’t know that he’s really emotionally ready for it.

“I’ve lived within two miles of my job, where I can be at work in five minutes,” he said. “I don’t know that I will ever really be emotionally ready.”