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SAIL welcomes new board members

By Staff | Jan 25, 2018

Courtesy photo SAIL President Carolyn Rodis, left, with new members Dan VanBellegham, Linda Spatig and Jane Tuckerman.

SHEPHERDSTOWN-The board of Shepherdstown Area Independent Living welcomed three new members at its monthly meeting held at the Episcopal Parish House on Wednesday. The new members, Linda Spatig, Jane Tuckerman and Dan VanBellingham, were introduced to the board by Carolyn Rodis, SAIL president.

Linda Spatig is a former professor at Marshall University. She and her husband, Marty, have lived in Shepherdstown for almost three years. She volunteers in several local organizations and enjoys gardening, dancing and yoga. Linda will serve as the chair of the Sidewalk Accessibility Committee.

Jane Tuckerman, who retired four years ago from her career in international education, is an avid golfer and swimmer and enjoys working with pastels. She and her husband, William Brown, moved to Shepherdstown after her retirement. Jane has joined SAIL’s fundraising committee.

Dan VanBellegham and his late wife, Jeannette, settled in Bakerton 24 years ago while he was still working for the National Science Foundation. After several years of commuting, he retired and has been active doing volunteer work with the St. Agnes Social Concerns Committee. Dan is SAIL’s secretary and is on the Executive Committee.

SAIL is an organization of 100 or so area residents, dedicated to the goal of helping people remain in their own homes while living active, connected, yet independent lives.