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Doctor discusses facts about Islam

By Staff | Apr 6, 2018

Shepherd’s diversity and multicultural week featured many events and speakers, including a talk on Islam by Dr. Syed Haque of Fredrick, Maryland. Haque is a doctor of adult medicine and has written a column for the Fredrick News-Post for 17 years.

Haque said he’s not an expert on Islam, but is a devout Muslim and an active member of the Frederick County Muslim Council. He explained the history of Islam, saying, “Islam is a continuation of Christianity and Judaism.”

Haque told the audience that God is the almighty and Muslims must believe in him to return to him, that after God is the Prophet and then the Mother.

“Muslims believe strongly in respecting and putting first the Mother,” said Haque.

He then took questions from the audience.

Sarah Florek, a sophomore at Shepherd University who recently converted to Islam, explained her experience to Haque and the audience.

“I converted to Islam in October of 2017 after being raised Christian for most of my life,” said Florek. “I remember hearing a lot of anti-Islamic rhetoric from Trump and his supporters, that it sparked my interest into Islam, and that lead to me converting.”

According to Haque, there are a lot of misconceptions about Islam.

“Islam is not about hate in the heart, but love,” said Haque. “If we are more accepting and tolerant, then there would be less extremists.”

In closing, Haque told the audience one thing he wanted them to remember about life: “Learn about history, but make sure you know who is writing history; do your homework,” Haque said. “Learn about others and their countries. If you do all of this, you will be a well-rounded person.”