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Up On the Hill to tempt with international candy

By Staff | Apr 27, 2018

Up On the Hill toy store and children’s boutique will be adding a children’s candy bar this weekend.

The store, which is geared toward children 12 and under, will feature a variety of fun American and international prepackaged candy for the young and young-at-heart.

“I would love for there to be a candy store in town to take my kids to, and since there isn’t one, we’ll try to facilitate that happening the best we can,” said owner Amii Fritz, who runs the business with her husband.

Fritz said her three children-ages three, five and eight-are the inspiration behind many of her business decisions.

“That happens a lot-my kids will like things, so I’ll bring them into the store. They’re my target market, so it makes sense to listen to them,” Fritz said, mentioning she recently added Peppa Pig collectibles because her toddler loves them.

“A lot of the changes happen organically, but then with the candy, that’s more intentional,” Fritz said. “The types of international candy we will offer will range from Pocky and other Japanese candy, to Hispanic candy, to British candy like Kinder eggs.”

According to Fritz, the bar will also include Hello Kitty candy, giant lollipops, Harry Potter jelly beans and gummy slugs, Pop Rocks, “lots of Haribo gummies,” Kidsmania Sour Flush and Candy Stampers, Crystal Rock Candy Lollipops and Astronaut Ice Cream.

“We want candy that’s new and interesting and different, not just something you could get at the grocery store,” Fritz said. “I’ve always been fascinated with exploring other countries, and think candy’s a great way to do that. A customer sent me some candy from Australia last year, and it was so cool that I had five different types of candy I got to try.”

The store will continue to offer its selection of organic, fair trade chocolate geared toward adults, along with its children’s clothing, body products and natural toy selection.

Up On the Hill will be featuring special events every 4th Friday of the month, starting today with a “Find the Jellybean” event. Visitors who buy any item will automatically get a Pressed Flour mini cupcake, and will win a prize if their cupcake has a jellybean in it.

Fritz said she hopes to find some distributors selling international candy from even more countries eventually.

“Right now, we have one distributor, but we hope to expand to others as time goes on.”

To find out more or learn about future events, visit www.facebook.com/uponthehillkids/ or uponthehillboutique.com/.