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Scudieri Restoration Painting keeps county’s historic buildings in shape

By Staff | Jun 1, 2018

Tabitha Johnston/Chronicle Scooter Scudieri repaints the front of Bistro 112, one of the many historical Jefferson County buildings he keeps in shape with his restoration business.

Scooter Scudieri, of Scudieri Restoration Painting, traced the woodwork with his brush as he repainted the front of Bistro 112 on May 24.

Scudieri, who has been in the historical building restoration business for 30 years, worked on the business front over a four-day period, during daytime hours when the restaurant was closed.

“Most of the work I’m doing, it’s not just painting,” Scudieri said. “It’s taking paint off and rebuilding. I do a lot of plaster work on old buildings.” Scudieri said he recently replastered Bethesda United Methodist Church’s entire ceiling.

Jobs can take anywhere from a week to a year, depending on the building’s size and level of disrepair. Because Scudieri has been in the business for so long, he is booked solid through December.

Along with taking on new jobs, Scudieri makes sure the buildings he has restored remain in good condition.

“There’s a lot of time spent on helping new and old clients when you’ve been doing it for as long as I have,” Scudieri said.

Scudieri is Lead-Safe Certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, so he is able to perform renovations on projects that will disturb the lead-based paints originally used in the majority of the historical businesses and homes he cares for.

Currently, his biggest project is a major restoration of a large historic house in Charles Town, which Scudieri said will take about five years to complete, while he keeps up with his other restoration projects in Jefferson County.

“Do I like what I do? Let’s just say, yes,” Scudieri said, dipping his brush back into a pail of white paint.

To find out more, contact Scudieri Restoration Painting at 304-268-4014.