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Town council begins new term with swearing in of council members

By Staff | Jul 6, 2018

The Shepherdstown Town Council was sworn in by town attorney Frank Hill at Town Hall on June 26.

The current council, which is composed of the mayor, recorder and five at-large members, was elected into office on June 5, and had to be sworn in after a certification of the general municipal election results was made and approved by the former council, and before the beginning of the new two-year term, which began on Sunday.

Mayor Jim Auxer, Town Recorder Lori Roberts, Councilwoman Deb Tucker, Councilwoman Cheryl Roberts, Councilman Mark Everhart and Councilman David Springer were sworn into office. Councilman David Rosen was not present for the swearing-in ceremony, but was able to be sworn in before the July 1 deadline.

None of the council members ran opposed during the election.

Councilman Springer is replacing Councilman Jim Ford, who chose not to run for office this term. Springer has previously served on Shepherdstown’s Town Council.

“Jim Ford was in office for the last six years, so he felt like he needed a break,” Mayor Auxer said, mentioning Ford’s business required him to travel much of the time. “Although it’s been four years since the last time Dave Springer was on the Town Council, he’s familiar with the town processes. We’ll just keep moving forward, trying to make the town the best we can.”

During the brief meeting, the ordinance approving the annexation of the Bavarian Inn was read a second time and was passed.

After the meeting adjourned, council members discussed ways to stop problems arising with the glass recycling program in town, where residents are placing their empty glass containers into paper, cardboard and plastic carriers within their recycling bins. Since glass is what can be recycled within this program, recycling bins need to only contain empty glass containers.