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Community comes for cakes, cookies and cars to Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Department

By Staff | Jul 27, 2018

Granville "Hutch" Longerbeam, Jr., stands before his 1966 Ford F100 during the car show at Shepherdstown Fire Department. Photo by Toni Milbourne

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Motorists driving past Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Department Friday evening were treated to the beautiful sight of polished entries at the department’s car show. Held in conjunction with a silent auction and the annual bake auction, the car show drew over 100 entries of cars from all eras.

Parked along the grassy hillside, the cars attracted appreciative glances from many guests, who walked along and admired the vintage and expensive vehicles. From Mustangs to trucks, there was something for everyone to enjoy and learn about from the vehicles’ owners, who were more than willing to share information about the vehicles’ histories.

A 1966 Ford short-bed pickup truck owned by Granville “Hutch” Longerbeam was originally a long-bed truck.

“It took me about 15 years to build,” Longerbeam said. “When I bought it, it was a long-bed. I wanted a short-bed, so I cut the frame and bought a short-bed and modified it.”

The result is a truck Longerbeam loves to show at car shows, such as the one at the department.

Walking inside the fire department building, supporters of the fire department found tables of silent auction items — ranging from decor to gift certificates from businesses around town. After silent auction participants received a bid number, those interested in trying to win a certain item kept close watch on anyone who might up the bid. Toward the end of the evening, bidders gathered around specific items, as final attempts were made to get that last bid in, before the auction closed.

While the silent auction was going on throughout the evening, the live auction of baked goods drew the attention of many folks, who came out to watch the fun. After a delicious pulled-pork dinner, the action got started when Nibert Realty & Auctions, LLC Founder Densil Nibert opened the bidding on dozens of donated baked goods.

Bids ranged from $10 to $600 depending on the treat, the baker and the bidder. Early in the night, Nibert took advantage of the cuteness factor of the youngest bidder, Silvia Friend, 3, from Middleway. Friend caught the eyes of many in attendance, as she raised her hand to bid on some delicious cinnamon buns. Not many were willing to bid against the young lady, so she walked away a winner.

As has happened in years past, more than one bidding wars ensued at the annual bake auction. A hot milk sponge cake, baked by Kenny Barron, had hands raising on different sides of the room. The eventual winner of the bid was Kenny’s brother, Dennis Barron, who won the prize for $500.

But that wasn’t the highest bid of the night. That bid came on a triple chocolate cake with whipped chocolate icing, donated by Lee Ann Morgan-Trainor. The decadent item sold for $700.

Fire Chief Ross Morgan, who won the item, said, “It’s not for me. Her daddy, D.L., had me bid on it.”

However, Morgan did bid on a few other items throughout the night, including some fudge prepared and shown by young Abby Fluharty, who shared with the crowd at bidding time that in addition to the fudge, the winning bidder also won a homemade crocheted potholder. Morgan paid out $75 for the honor of taking that home.

SVFD Treasurer Dennis Barron was a constant bidder through the evening, winning several baked goods that he stacked up beside him. When asked what he planned to do with the sweets, he said he purchased them to donate them back to the company, to serve as desserts at the bingo fundraiser, to be held the following day.

All of the items were baked and donated to the auction by members of the community in efforts to raise needed funds for the volunteer department. One member of the community, Jane See, donated 40 items to the auction, including cakes, pies and cookies.

“I have never met her in person,” said Dennis Barron. “Someone goes to her home and picks up all the items and brings them to the station.”

The bake auction raised almost $4,000, according to SVFD member Leslie Simpson.