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Run for Your Life’ tops Amazon best seller charts

By Staff | Sep 28, 2018

RANSON — West Virginia University Professor Dr. Mark Cucuzzella’s new book has received an unexpected honor — being named to the Amazon best-seller list.

“Run for Your Life” was released this month through the Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Company in New York. The story, according to Cucuzzella, “manifests how to live a simple, health life.”

“It’s not complex,” Cucuzzella said in an interview late last week. “The recipe is pretty simple: eat real food-not processed and no sugars. Get outside and move every day and have a purpose and a community.”

Although titled “Run for Your Life,” the book is not meant for running specifically, according to Cucuzzella.

“It’s about real, every day citizens who struggle with resisters to health” he said. “There are chapters on healthy aging, women’s health, healthy eating.”

The premise of Cucuzzella’s work on the book, is that it is never too late to start making changes to improve one’s health. He has long been an advocate for healthy living within the community as a physician and also through organizing events such as the upcoming annual Freedom’s Run and coordinating low-carb groups to address healthy changes in eating habits.

The challenge of writing a book was one more way Cucuzzella has worked to offer assistance to those in his community and beyond. The process was like many he describes-slow and easy to get results.

According to Cucuzzella, the book idea developed about five years ago when he received a call from a book agent, Doug Abrams, who had watched one of the doctor’s videos at a training seminar in Colorado.

“He thought I had a book,” Cucuzzella said. “He helped with a proposal for publishing and got me in contact with my co-author, Broughton Coburn.”

The contract for the book was signed more than three years ago, as Dr. Cucuzzella wrote a chapter at a time while maintaining his hectic schedule.

“Everything in the book is relevant and supported even after the three years,” Cucuzzella said, laughing. “I didn’t have to re-write based on new studies.”

Cucuzzella continues to work on staff at the hospital as well as at a clinic in Martinsburg. He owns and operates Two Rivers Treads in Ranson, and contributes to the community through his volunteer efforts.

“I’m proud to live here and proud of what the small-town force can do for change,” Cucuzzella said. “I give massive thanks to my family, my staff, volunteers at Freedom’s Run and my medical colleagues. I rely on these people every day.”

Cucuzzella encourages people to begin to make small steps toward healthy lifestyle changes.

“All change starts with small change,” he said.

“Run for Your Life” can be found on Amazon.com as well as at Two Rivers Treads. A book signing party will be held at the store’s 400 S. Mildred Street location on Saturday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The book can be obtained at an in-store special price of $20.