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Town Council discusses holiday events, police inspection ordinance

By Staff | Oct 19, 2018

SHEPHERDSTOWN — As autumn’s cool weather sweeps into town, Shepherdstown is getting ready for a season of holiday celebrations, including Veteran’s Day and Christmas in Shepherdstown.

During the Oct. 9 Town Council meeting at Town Hall, Shepherdstown Visitor Center Director Marianne Davis announced plans for the upcoming holidays.

“Christmas in Shepherdstown is going to be the same, in terms of closing the streets, but it will have a few extra events. We’re going to be doing more balladeer music on the streets and 18th century Christmas events,” Davis said, mentioning the plans for the town’s first Veteran’s Day celebration in years are underway.

“At 11 a.m. on Veteran’s Day, which is November 11, there will be a bell tolling, in honor of the signing of the armistice ending World War I. This is the 100th anniversary of the armistice and the ending of the war, Davis said about the federal holiday, which was known as Armistice Day until 1954. “At one o’clock there will be a commemoration of it at the War Memorial Building. We will be handing out hand-made felt poppies to our veterans, and selling them to the rest of the community to wear in honor of the veterans who have fought for our country.”

During the meeting, several matters of business were quickly covered. The ordinance annexing Shepherd University’s newest dormitory, Potomac Place, was read for the second time. Bruce Massey, of Shepherdstown, was appointed to the Historic Landmarks Commission. The town received an email announcing its acceptance into the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. The James Rumsey Bridge lights will be put up by the West Virginia Divisions of Highways by Dec. 1, although the project is currently waiting for the arrival of light adapters.

Shepherdstown Community Club’s $1,000 funding request recommendation to care for Morgan’s Grove Park’s ash trees was approved. Shepherdstown Fire Department’s $7,500 funding request recommendation was approved, which, if agreed to by the Finance Committee, will allow Shepherdstown Fire Department to buy a new industrial washer and dryer for the department’s gear.

“Over the years, firefighter cancer research is showing the toxin levels in our clothing. Male firefighters face a 28 percent higher chance of contracting prostate cancer, and female firefighters have a 32 percent higher rate of breast cancer. The gear washer we would like to buy is a super-sized gear washer, and does decrease the risk of cancer. Taking care of our people, as a volunteer agency, is sometimes really difficult. this will not only help us, but it will help our community,” said Assistant Fire Chief Brian Fluharty, mentioning monetary donations from the community would be appreciated, to help the department care for its needs and the needs of its emergency personnel.

An ordinance to create and adopt 3-409 of Chapter 4, Title 3 in the Code of Shepherdstown to permit the Shepherdstown Police Department and its designated agents to inspect private clubs was read for the first time. According to Police Chief Mike King, this ordinance will allow the department to act efficiently in case of emergency, but will not allow the department to take the place of the Alcoholic Beverage Control.

“Basically, it’s to provide a better service to the community. If we get a complaint of underaged people drinking alcohol within an establishment, we technically aren’t allowed to enter the establishment, and have to wait outside of the establishment to arrest them. We have had issues with that in the past, and want to be prepared for the future,” King said. “We don’t have time to go in and do stings — that’s not what we’re doing with that.”