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Simplifying the real estate selling process

By Staff | Jan 4, 2019

The Shepherstown real estate market has changed over the years, according to former Shepherdstown real estate agent Judy Moore. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Although long-time Shepherdstown real estate broker Judy Moore has not sold real estate for seven years now, her desire to help current or potential residents with their questions about local real estate remains strong.

Not only has Moore spoken in the past year to at least one local group about this topic, Shepherdstown Area Independent Living, but Moore also continues to offer her services in the community, as a real estate consultant.

“I get a lot of phone calls, because people know I was in the business for a very long time, and they ask me all sort of questions about ‘How do I find a good agent to represent me?'” Moore said in a phone interview.

One of the reasons Moore attributes to being called on for advice, is the strong relationship she built with her former customers.

“You have to earn their trust, and I think that’s why so many of my friends are people I sold property to before — we built a level of trust,” Moore said, mentioning that she has kept her real estate license active, to make sure she can offer the best service to her consultees.

“What I enjoy doing now — it’s like being a teacher,” Moore said. “You have to do a lot of listening and counseling. I think you have to be a very good listener. You don’t push people, but you give them as much advice as you can.

“When I was a broker, I didn’t get to interact with the buyers and sellers as much as I did when I worked as a real estate agent — I missed that,” Moore said, mentioning she started out as a real estate agent before becoming a broker in 1979, but eventually sold her real estate brokerage firm so she could semi-retire.

As a real estate consultant, Moore helps primarily sellers learn how to prepare to sell their properties, first, by informing them of their rights as sellers, and secondly, by familiarizing them with modern real estate technology.

From the beginning of her career in real estate, Moore has stayed up-to-date with modern technology. In fact, she was the person who introduced the first fax machine to Shepherdstown.

“When I first became licensed, there were no lock boxes, no computer, no multiple listing service, no cellphones, no fax machines. I bought the first fax machine in Shepherdstown — it cost me $1,200,” Moore said. “So now you can sign your documents online, and someone can email you the sales contract. We used to have to hand-carry everything and mail. Yeah, real estate technology’s changed a bit.”

According to Moore, buyers and sellers can get an idea of whether or not they should hire a real estate agent, based upon something as simple as if “the person is well-versed in technology that’s used today.” Technology any agent should use, include: text and email communication and online multiple listing services.

Above all, Moore said buyers and sellers should choose their agents based upon the agents’ track records; after choosing an agent, they can change agents if they don’t feel comfortable working with the agent.

“You want to know the person you’re working with is someone you like, that you trust,” Moore said.

Sellers should also be aware their sale price is, ultimately, their decision.

“The sale price is based upon what you think is a realistic price, based upon what you hear from the realtor,” Moore said.

To set up a consulting appointment with Moore, call 304-876-6176.