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Shepherdstown Public Library surpasses fundraising goal for building project

By Staff | Feb 14, 2019

A drawing of the area in which the new library building will be built. Construction for the building, which will lie northwest of the Clarion Inn property, is expected to begin by the end of this summer or early fall. Courtesy photo

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Years of planning and fundraising for the Shepherdstown Public Library’s building project culminated on the evening of Feb. 5, during a special event celebrating the project surpassing its fundraising goal at the newly-opened Bavarian Inn Brew Pub.

Set for $2.95 million, the fundraising for the building construction goal was announced as having reached $3,004,418 by Shepherdstown Public Library’s Board of Trustees during the event.

“We are deeply grateful for the many individuals and organizations who have invested their time, money and hearts in this new library project, and we are truly excited that in the not too distant future, the community will be able to enjoy the modern, fully accessible facility it deserves,” said Board President Sandy Brown.

According to Shepherdstown Public Library Director Hali Taylor, the success of the fundraising drive is due to the generosity of many donors — individuals, foundations, corporations, the Jefferson County Commission and the Corporation of Shepherdstown. Taylor also thanked the Building for the Future campaign committee, co-chaired by Mina Goodrich and Lynn Shirley, which raised more than $2.35 million for the project during the first, silent phase of the fundraising drive, and the Home Stretch Committee, which led fundraising activities during the second, public phase of the fundraising drive. During the second phase, a new group, Nourishing Literacy One Meal at a Time, was formed. Over 50 community members are members of the giving circle, pooling together monthly donations for the library and donating over $1,200 per month to the building project.

Although the fundraising goal has been more than met, since the goal was based upon a building construction estimate made in 2016, the Board of Trustees will continue fundraising efforts, as construction costs have increased since the estimate was made. The construction will begin in the late-summer or early-fall of 2019, built on a four-acre tract of land outside of the Corporation of Shepherdstown.

“Any money above and beyond the construction and interior furnishings will be used to create outdoor environmental learning opportunities or anything else the community decides,” Taylor said, mentioning the construction is expected to take about one year. “This has been a long time coming, and we thank our community members for their continued faith in the vision and the patience and commitment they have exhibited during this entire process.”

Skyline Management has been hired to help the library board to oversee the construction process. In preparation for construction, the library board said in a press release it is “currently coordinating our site work efforts with adjacent property owners with planned developments to collectively manage site requirements, such as utilities, storm water management and road/sidewalk access.”

After the new library building is constructed, the Shepherdstown Public Library will operate both out of its new and old locations, according to Taylor.

“We have always intended to retain a presence in the Market House, with more of a reading room atmosphere with comfortable chairs, magazines, newspapers and more computers,” Taylor said about the Market House, which is owned by the Corporation of Shepherdstown. “It will still retain checkout and check-in capability and stay on the book courier’s route.”

Anyone who would like to contribute to the new Shepherdstown Public Library can contact the library at 304-876-2783 or visit www.lib.shepherdstown.wv.us.