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Cowboys for Trump ride through Shepherdstown

By Staff | Mar 1, 2019

Cowboys for Trump members ride up German Street on Feb. 19. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN – Although the wind was blowing coldly, a group of cowboys on horseback could be seen on Feb. 19 riding from Princess Street, up along German Street and Duke Street, before exiting the Corporation of Shepherdstown on the James Rumsey Bridge and heading to the C&O Canal.

The rustic group may have been a little unexpected to be seen for some community members, but for those who knew their mission in riding through town, they may have also been unwelcome.

“We’re from New Mexico, riding to Washington, D.C. to support our president. We’re effected by our border, and we want to do this to support his position on border security,” said Cowboys for Trump Organizer Couy Griffin, who mentioned about 13 cowboys were traveling with the group, although only nine were riding in the Shepherdstown demonstration.

Holding American and “Trump: Make America Great Again” flags, the group of cowboys was followed by a couple of trucks pulling horse trailers, as other non-cowboy group members followed the procession on foot, handing out Cowboys for Trump pamphlets.

“Our trip is from February 15 to 22,” said Chris Waller, as she hustled up German Street with her hands full of pamphlets. “I’m part of the support team. We buy them coffee and food, pass out brochures and learn the routes ahead of time to help them navigate their rides.”

Cowboys for Trump ride along German Street on Feb. 19. Tabitha Johnston

As the horses turned right from German Street onto Duke Street, the few community members braving the chilly streets watched and photographed the procession. For Sandy Brown, of Shepherdstown, seeing the group was an unexpected experience.

“They just held up traffic in Shepherdstown. I was just walking up the street and saw them,” Brown said. “They’re here to talk about border security. It reflects his supporters’ desperation – how many states sued Trump yesterday – 16?”

“I’m offended,” Brown said, of the procession. “I just think the first guy, who was riding on an ass, sums it up.”

As the group reached their destination on the C&O Canal, exiting the main road, the number of drivers trailing behind them stopped rolling down their windows to find the source of the slow traffic, and started speeding back up to the normal driving speed. And, with that, the group of cowboys left Shepherdstown behind, ready for their next destination on their route to Washington, D.C.

According to the Cowboys for Trump pamphlet, the trip was not only intended to stand behind President Trump’s stance on border control, but also on his stances with gun control and abortion. The group documented their entire route, which ended on Friday, with photographs on their Facebook page.

Cowboys for Trump ride along the James Rumsey Bridge, heading towards the C & O Canal on Feb. 19. Tabitha Johnston

To learn more about Cowboys for Trump, visit cowboysfortrump.org, email cowboysfortrump@hotmail.com, call 505-235-9239 or write 52 Dusty Lane, Tularosa, New Mexico 88352.