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Morgan’s Grove Park trail gets facelift

By Staff | Mar 22, 2019

From left, Vincent Bochetti, Mason Harding, Alex Rushizky and Natalya Rushizky raked new gravel on the walking trail at Morgan's Grove Park. Toni Milbourne

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Users of the walking trail at Morgan’s Grove Park will likely appreciate the new layer of crushed gravel that has been spread along the length nearly mile-long loop. The crusher run gravel was spread by a number of community volunteers, who came out Saturday morning despite the wind and chilly temperatures.

The gravel was purchased with a grant from Freedom’s Run through the Eastern Area Health Education Center, which has given over $200,000 back to the Eastern Panhandle and neighboring areas. The $2,500 grant purchased enough gravel to recover the entire walking trail, as well as the lower parking lot.

Volunteers at the event included members of the Shepherdstown Community Club, which owns the park, a group of soccer players with the EPIC Soccer organization and town council member Mark Everhart.

“Neighbors of the park also came over to help out,” said Jen Wabnitz, vice president of the club.

According to SCC President Nancy Stewart, the crusher run gravel was selected, because it is a quarried material that is crushed to varying sizes. The stones then bind together to secure the surface.

“We have a lot of water runoff in the park,” Stewart said. “We also have a lot of problem with tree roots, but this gravel should hopefully last a good while.”

As volunteers loaded pickup trucks with gravel and pushed wheel barrows through the park, others came behind with shovels and rakes to spread the stone.

“It’s a way we can help in the community,” said Vincent Bocchetti, who was one of the soccer players volunteering Saturday. He and his friends said they found the work enjoyable, having a lot of fun working together.

“This is a great example of cooperation,” said Mike Austin, former club president. “This is just the type of support we are looking for.”

Stewart echoed those sentiments, mentioning the town will help spread the remaining gravel over the parking area.

“To me, that’s exactly a gesture very much appreciated,” Stewart said. “It’s the town partnering with us for what is Shepherdstown’s park. They are showing a sense of generosity and we are grateful. We are all looking forward to the newly surfaced parking lot.”