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Something new: Trying out fusion cuisine at local eatery

By Staff | Jun 21, 2019

Shepherdstown homeschool students Ellie Peterson, left, and Carly Day, right, enjoy some Bubble Tea at The Green Pineapple. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN — As international travel increases over the summer, many people will return from their destination locations wanting both a taste of something familiar and of what they had enjoyed in other countries.

While visiting restaurants with international cuisine can be an easy way to remember the flavors from vacation, a fun way to mix both familiar and international flavors is by visiting a restaurant serving fusion food.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, fusion food is “food prepared using techniques and ingredients of two or more ethnic or regional cuisines.” In Shepherdstown, The Green Pineapple at 142 East German Street celebrates this fusion process, as it mixes the flavors of Korean, Japanese and American food.

“I guess this is really different. It’s American food, with a lot of spices and a different flavor,” said Barista Savanah Thomas, as she prepared a cup of Bubble Tea for a customer.

The tea is one of the two types of drinks served at The Green Pineapple, with the other drink being Fused Tea. For some customers, the Bubble Tea is the only reason they visit The Green Pineapple.

Barista Savanah Thomas makes Bubble Tea for a customer at The Green Pineapple. Tabitha Johnston

“I’ve been here a few times. I just get Bubble Tea — it tastes so good,” said Shepherdstown homeschool student Carly Day, in between sips of her Bubble Tea. “I don’t eat the food, although it smells good.”

Day sat at a booth in the minimalistic room with fellow homeschool student Ellie Peterson, who was also drinking Bubble Tea.

“I mostly come for the tea — I have a problem, and this is my fix!” Peterson said, laughing. “I love a lot of Asian food, and food that is Asian-inspired, in some way, shape or form. This is the only real place, this side of West Virginia, where I can get Bubble Tea.”

According to Thomas, the fusion of the different international foods was inspired by The Green Pineapple’s owner, Shane Broadwater.

“His dad’s American and his mom’s Korean,” Thomas said about Broadwater, who grew up eating his mom’s Korean food. Along with his early exposure to international food, “he’s traveled all over Asia, so he’s gotten to eat the real thing.”

Barista Savanah Thomas, right, talks with customer Kyle Grussmeyer, of Ranson at The Green Pineapple. Tabitha Johnston

While fusion food may not suit everyone’s pallet, for many local residents, The Green Pineapple’s food and drinks are what they go for when wanting a satisfying meal. For Ranson resident Kyle Grussmeyer, the challenge of visiting the restaurant, is deciding which entree and drink to order.

“I like the Manager’s Meal or the steak tacos the best. The ramen is really good and the tacos are great,” Grussmeyer said, after he settled on ordering tacos for his lunch.

While Grussmeyer enjoys international food, he said it can be difficult to find a restaurant that serves fusion food as good as The Green Pineapple’s.

“There’s not a lot of places like this,” Grussmeyer said. “As you get to the District of Columbia, there’s more stuff, but this is more authentic than what I’ve found there.”

The Green Pineapple is opened, Tuesdays-Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 7 p.m. To learn more, visit www.greenpineapple.soy/ or www.facebook.com/theverdepineapple/.