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Fox5 makes ‘Zip Trip’ to Harpers Ferry

By Staff | Jul 5, 2019

Allison Seymour, left and Cori Coffin, anchors for Fox5, spend a few moments chatting with Shepherdstown Elementary School student Stella Van Hilst before going on-air live. Toni Milbourne

HARPERS FERRY — Fans of Washington’s Fox5 were treated to a visit from the anchors of the Morning News as the crew arrived bright and early Friday morning in Harpers Ferry, as part of the station’s Zip Trip series.

The Zip Trip series takes the anchors to small towns throughout the summer, where they broadcast live, highlighting the area’s businesses, residents and activities. In Harpers Ferry, anchor Allison Seymour, anchor Cori Coffin and meteorologist Mike Thomas found much to share with their viewing audience.

Town Mayor Wayne Bishop and County Commissioner Patsy Noland spent some time in front of the camera facing off in a trivia challenge on Harpers Ferry history.

“Our town is the gateway to West Virginia,” Bishop said. “It is nestled in the center of the national park, offering great businesses and natural beauty.”

Noland mentioned how the town’s history is only part of the historical significance of the area.

Shepherdstown resident Wayne Ferguson, a big fan of Fox5 Morning Show, was thrilled to get a photo with Allison Seymour on Friday morning. Toni Milbourne

“There is so much history here, not just Harpers Ferry, but Charles Town, with the historic courthouse where John Brown was tried,” Noland said. “And Shepherdstown, that is just an incredible place.”

Fans of Fox5 gathered to cheer, make appearances on television, catch T-shirts tossed by the crew members and get photos with the hosts.

“For years when I would wake up around 5 a.m., I would turn on the television to be greeted by my morning ‘friends’ from Fox5,” said Wayne Ferguson, of Shepherdstown. “So you can imagine my excitement to hear that some of the team would be coming to Harpers Ferry.

“Allison, Mike and Cori made themselves available for pictures, and I certainly wanted to take advantage of that. I scored a three-out-of-three!” Ferguson said. “And was I ever surprised by Allison, when she grabbed her phone to take a selfie with me to show Maureen back at the studio, because of some positive feedback I had for her.”

The Vintage Lady owner Cindi Dunn said the excitement from the visit could be felt around town.

“The whole town was buzzing with the excitement of their visit, but more importantly will be the increase in visitors after people watched it,” Dunn said, referencing the number of visitors that came to Harpers Ferry after Good Morning America visited it several years ago.

“A couple of years after their visit, I had people come in from the western states saying how they saw our beautiful town and told themselves they were going to visit,” Dunn said.

The Fox5 crew interviewed the restaurant owners of The Anvil and The Rabbit Hole, members of the Jefferson High School baseball team, coach John Lowery and Shepherdstown Elementary School student Stella Van Hilst, who spent some quality airtime talking to Coffin and Seymour about her love for stink bugs.

Thomas met some puppies who were available for adoption from Briggs Animal Adoption, who were brought to maybe make their way onto the show to encourage dog lovers to offer them a home.

“Anyone who watches the show knows Mike’s love for dogs, and so it was no surprise that he ran late to his date to zip line at River Riders, because he wanted to spend time playing with the two adorable dogs who were available for adoption,” Ferguson said.

Coffin loved the area so much that she and her husband planned a return trip on Saturday.

“We are coming out to go tubing and see a little more of the area,” Coffin said. “I had no idea it was this close to where we are in D.C.”