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Board of Education approves nominees for Shepherdstown, Jefferson County schools

By Staff | Jul 12, 2019


CHARLES TOWN — At the regularly scheduled Board of Education on Monday, the five-member board voted the approval of several positions. Included among them were the new positions of Director of Social Emotional Support and Director of Safety and Security.

Bondy Shay Gibson, superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, presented names of her recommended candidates to the Board members during the meeting. The nominees were then voted on and approved.

Named as principal for Shepherdstown Elementary School was current interim principal, Nancy McManus. McManus had previously worked for Jefferson County Schools before relocating to Loudoun County. After her retirement from Loudoun, she has returned to take the position in Shepherdstown.

“I am back to my beginning,” McManus told Board members Monday. “I am excited for what’s coming up in the fall. I expect to have wonderful experiences to share.”

Also named and approved Monday was Sheri Hoff, who will serve as Director of Safety and Security. Hoff has held multiple positions throughout her career in Jefferson County, including counselor and principal. She is currently listed on the Board’s website as Director of Attendance/Alternative Education.

When speaking of the Director of Safety and Security position, Hoff told Board members she is excited about the new role she will play.

“We will extend safety and security, not only within our schools, but in the community,” Hoff said.

Named as the county’s new Director of Social Emotional Support was Lee Ebersole, who currently holds the position of Coordinator of Federal Programs and School Improvement. That role, as well as his newly named position, will create a new department within the school system.

“This is the biggest initiative we have,” Gibson said of the new position. “Dr. Ebersole’s passion, commitment and vision for this department will allow us to leaders in the state.”

The board also approved Transportation Director Joyce White to fill the role of Interim Deputy Superintendent for Operations. White will, Gibson said, continue in both roles for the time being.

Board member Arthena Roper questioned the dual role, asking if the position of Transportation Director will be posted; however, Gibson pointed out that Ralph Dinges, previous assistant superintendent, had held both roles for nearly a year when the board was advertising for the transportation position.

“I worry about transportation because we were in such a bad place, but have improved,” Roper said.

“I’ll handle it,” White assured board members, indicating she would fill both roles.

“We will sit with her [White] and see if we need an interim transportation director,” Gibson said.

Both Ebersole and Hoff will also retain their current positions, according to Board spokesman Hans Fogle.

No salary information for the positions was available at press time.