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The Humble Honey: Artist collective to open its doors on Black Friday

By Staff | Nov 29, 2019

Ten percent off of all jewelry will be offered today at The Humble Honey. Courtesy photo

SHEPHERDSTOWN — While many people are shopping online or rushing off to big-box stores for today’s Black Friday deals, they may also want to check out Shepherdstown’s newest business for some great finds.

The Humble Honey, which is an artist collective opening today at 124 West German Street, is offering 10 percent off of all jewelry items in its store.

“I feel so grateful to offer a space to help other working artists sell their handcrafted treasures. It is a common dream for many creatives to be a working artist, but doing what you love for a living is extremely hard,” Berlin said. “If I can be a stepping stone for others, then my heart will be happy.”

According to owner Cori Berlin, of Shepherdstown, opening a storefront has been a dream of hers for many years.

“I have wanted to own a storefront retail business since I was a kid,” Berlin said. “My first job was in a jewelry store, and that is where I learned the foundation of what I know now. From there, I continued to work in jewelry stores and learn everything I could about this craft and running a small business.”

The Humble Honey will open its doors today, at 124 West German Street. Tabitha Johnston

Before making the plunge into opening a brick-and-mortar store, Berlin spent many years developing her knowledge of her craft, silversmithing.

“I started my silversmith journey eight years ago,” Berlin said. “I took one class at the Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland, to learn how to solder. I spent the next eight years teaching myself, honing my skills and building my workshop.”

Since developing her craft, Berlin has been selling her sterling silver and natural stone jewelry on her online store, Inner Sister Silver, and at craft fairs and music festivals. Although she already had a name for her online business, she realized she wanted her storefront to have a name that would represent all of the artists in the collective.

“I wanted to give a name to my customers and artists — we are all connected in that way,” Berlin said. “The artists and customers I work with are humble beings, seeking growth on this spiritual journey we call life through their art. We are all Humble Honey’s, empowering and supporting each other.”

Pottery, leather work, crochet work, art and prints are also being sold in the store. But it isn’t just a store, according to Berlin. Customers can come in and see Berlin crafting her jewelry in the space and talk with the collective’s members.

“I hope to offer a learning shopping experience,” Berlin said. “Myself or the other artists will be present to answer questions about their crafts.

“Today, it is becoming more important to consumers to know how and where their goods are being made. At The Humble Honey, you will learn how each piece was created and who made it,” Berlin said. “It offers the customer a chance to truly connect with the art they are bringing in to their life.”