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Soul Stirring Storytellers Society: Writing group teaches members about publication process

By Staff | Jan 17, 2020


SHEPHERDSTOWN – When Theresa Holmes returned to Shepherdstown after living in Atlanta, Ga. for about 15 years, she brought back with her the foundation for a new writing group, the Soul Stirring Storytellers Society.

According to Holmes, the society has about 35 local members and hundreds of members around the world.

“We do a lot locally, but we also travel around the world,” Holmes said. “We have a lot of authors that are from around the world, but our events here are focused on authors here, or who are tied to the community.”

While the society’s local events are focused on local authors, the international aspect of the society has also allowed Holmes to bring in speakers from around the world, to share their stories.

“We’ve had authors from around the world speak and share their platform with us,” Holmes said, mentioning these authors have spoken at some of the society’s informational meetings.

The society’s seasonal meetings help connect authors with storytellers and writers interested in becoming published authors.

“Becoming an author used to be such a difficult process, which is why this society is so important. If you’re thinking of writing a book, now is the time to do it – it’s easier to do it now than ever before,” Holmes said. “My journey to becoming a published author was accidental. I never thought I had the ability, let alone the will, to become a published author.”

As a life coach, Holmes said her vision for the society is for it to be an encouraging group, in which writers from all backgrounds and of all interests can meet and exchange ideas.

For members needing guidance, Holmes also offers one-on-one in-person or video chat discussions.

“Our focus is to help people get their stories out there, and get them told,” Holmes said.

One new benefit for society members is Holmes’ podcast, Soul Stirrers, which was launched on Wednesday.

“It is the same thing as our organization – soul stirring storytelling,” Holmes said, mentioning the podcast will be interview-based. “I do most of the interviewing. I have a co-host, Carla Jones, and she will be helping with the interviewing, as well. Hometown heroes are part of my podcast theme, so I did Dr. David Didden as my very first person – I interviewed him at the Shepherdstown Community Club.”

The society’s next event, its annual Black History month event Black Authors Unite, will be held in the Shepherdstown Community Club on Feb. 1 at 6 p.m.

For more information, email Holmes at fullsteemahead.com.