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Town council approves new Water and Sanitary Board member, vintage car shows

By Staff | Feb 21, 2020

Wendy Maddox explains the plans for Shepherdstown's May Day celebration, during the town council meeting on Feb. 11. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN — The home on the corner of New Street and King Street that has been under renovation for the past few months will soon be finished, according to Mayor Jim Auxer. And soon after it is finished, its new owners will move in and begin their lives as retirees and active town residents.

Austin Slater, who will retire in March and move into his renovated home with his wife, was approved to be Jerry Bock’s replacement on the Corporation of Shepherdstown’s Water and Sanitary Board, during the Feb. 12 town council meeting.

“Jerry Bock resigned, after nine years, from the board,” Auxer said. “Austin Slater is very qualified for this position, and will be jumping right in after he has moved to Shepherdstown.”

The town council also approved plans for the town’s Easter celebrations, which will remain the same as in years past, according to organizer Kerry Asam. Auxer also accepted Asam’s request, to lead the parade with the Easter Bunny.

“We’re going to shoot for having the Taste Parade again this year, on April 11 at 11 a.m., the Saturday before Easter. We’ll include the hat competition and finish the celebrations with an egg hunt,” Asam said, mentioning the response to the Easter celebrations has continued to grow over the years since her family founded the event. “There seem to be more and more children every year.”

Austin Slater, who was appointed to fill Jerry Bock's vacated position on the Water and Sanitary Board, will fill the position after moving into his house on New Street, which is currently under renovation. Tabitha Johnston

One month later, the town’s May Day celebration will take place on McMurran Hall’s lawn, as the town council approved Wendy Maddox’s request to hold it on May 2. This year’s celebration may be different than in the past couple of years, according to Maddox.

“It’s possible that we could have a May Day Parade again this year. We would also like the event to incorporate an Arbor Day celebration,” Maddox said, mentioning the May Pole will return to the lawn again this year.

The final event requests were made by Jack Triplett, who is organizing two car shows that will be begin right after the Shepherdstown Farmers Market ends on two Sundays this year. The first show, which will be held on May 24, will be an ACDC Eastern Spring Meet featuring Auburn and Corde cars. The second show, which will be held on June 28, will feature Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars that were made by 1939.

“This is a vintage tour, so it is just restricted to pre-World War II vehicles,” Triplett said, mentioning he anticipated each show having 25-30 cars.