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Hamilton Tavern 1840 celebrates first full year

By Staff | Jul 10, 2020

Jeremiah and Anthony Brooks are joined by John Myatt, center, at the one-year anniversary of Hamilton Tavern 1840, who became their "one-man car show" after other car owners decided not to attend due to spikes in COVID-19. Toni Milbourne

HARPERS FERRY – One year after opening in Lower Town Harpers Ferry, Hamilton’s Tavern 1840 celebrated by moving this spring to a new location, at 914 Washington Street.

The new location offers more space than its previous one.

Owners Jeremiah and Anthony Brooks decorated the new restaurant with the generosity of their friends, who contributed everything from decorative pieces to labor and time.

The couple referred to their efforts as “design on a dime,” as the unexpected closure of their business due to the pandemic caused a significant loss in revenue. But because of the help from their friends throughout Jefferson County, their new location highlights all that is good in a small-town community.

The plan for their July 4 anniversary celebration included a car show; however, due to concerns over the spike in COVID-19 cases, most of the car owners were unable to attend. That did not dampen the celebration, however, as friend John Myatt brought three of his vehicles to share with spectators, including a 1935 Chevrolet and a 1967 M725 military ambulance.

“I’m the one-man car show,” Myatt joked, mentioning he renovated the military ambulance, turning it into a camper. “We made it take to music festivals.”

According to the Brooks’, their restaurant has been busy since its reopening, thanks to the recent increase in weekend tourism.

“We have had wait lists all weekend,” Jeremiah said. “It’s a great way to celebrate the Fourth [of July].”

Developed by Jeremiah, the restaurant’s chef and industry veteran of 20 years, the menu focuses on global cuisine highlighting approachable, reasonable and attractive food. Precision plating is key, according to the chef, and a part of the dining experience.

The new location has made it possible for the restaurant to expand their seating options outdoors. This was especially convenient at Saturday’s event, with live music and the aroma of barbecue on the grill to whet the appetite.

“We are now in walking distance to bed and breakfasts and to locals. We have access to the whole community,” Jeremiah said, mentioning that the tavern’s former location was not always a stop for the local community.

The tavern is taking precautions for social distancing, both inside the restaurant and in their outdoor seating area.

The restaurant hours are Wednesday through Monday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Guests are encouraged to make reservations at hamiltonstavern1840.com.