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Norfolk Southern completing work near Morgan’s Grove Park

By Toni Milbourne - For the Chronicle | Dec 4, 2020

Norfolk Southern Railroad is completing maintenance near Morgan's Grove Park, which will include some park maintenance before they are finished. Toni Milbourne

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Norfolk Southern Railroad is currently completely construction on and around the tracks adjacent to Morgan’s Grove Park. Park visitors and users have been asked to steer clear of the work area and all Norfolk Southern Railroad equipment.

According to Jen Wabnitz, president of the Shepherdstown Community Club, Norfolk Southern had to use the edge of the park to position their equipment in the correct location.

“They are well within their legal rights to ask us to use the edge of the park,” Wabnitz said. “There is a legal easement included in our deed.”

In exchange for being a good neighbor to the railroad, Norfolk Southern has offered to help the park with some much-needed maintenance. The work crew on site has removed the huge stump that was at the lower park entrance. In addition, the crew will remove the park’s old fencing, which has deteriorated over the years, as well as scrub brush in that area.

While the work site for the railroad maintenance has caused a slight disruption to the area and created a bit of a mess, Norfolk Southern has indicated it will provide additional assistance to the park when it has finished its work.

“Once they have their supplies in place, they will rebuild our pathway, complete with gravel and they will put up a new fence for us,” Wabnitz said. In addition, the railroad company will clear away all debris from the work location and install a drainage ditch.

The work crews on site are not infringing upon activities scheduled in the park, including soccer. The walking trail is also open and available for those who use it for exercise.

“We just ask the park visitors to stay at a safe distance from the construction site as they enjoy the walking trail,” Wabnitz said, mentioning the work should be completed with the next two to three weeks.

The Shepherdstown Community Club, who oversee and maintain the park and historic War Memorial Building, have been working with several groups to complete projects and continue beautification of the park, in spite of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The offers of assistance from Norfolk Southern Railroad has been a welcome partnership.

Those who have an interest in the park or in joining the SCC should www.shepherdstowncc.org.