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Keeping connected: Town communication system ready for take off

By Iyee Jagne - For the Chronicle | Feb 26, 2021


SHEPHERDSTOWN — The Corporation of Shepherdstown has established an email list that people can join to get updates on things concerning the town and its residents. The same information sent out in the emails will also be posted on the town website.

To get on the email list, contact Town Clerk Amy Boyd at 304-876-2398 or clerk@shepherdstown.us. From that point, Boyd can get the necessary information to set you up.

You can also contact Boyd to unsubscribe at any time, penalty-free. You will not be able to respond to the emails sent out by the Corporation of Shepherdstown. However, any concerns you may have can be voiced on the town’s Facebook page.

The emails will include time-sensitive information that the town would like to get out to community members quickly. One example of this, is when the trash pick up is going to be delayed due to weather or a holiday. An email would be sent out from Town Hall to let the residents know.

Other information the emails will share, may be the establishment of a new committee and its leadership.

According to Town Councilman Marty Amerikaner, he came up with the idea for this emailing system last summer, when he joined the Town Council.

“We don’t want to overload people,” Amerikaner said, “so we’re not gonna send out five emails every day or something like that — it will probably be one a week.”

Amerikaner also mentioned the emails will share when each committee’s monthly meeting will be held, for those interested in participating in the meetings.