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Memorial sale draws crowd throughout three-day weekend

By Tabitha Johnston - Chronicle Staff | Jul 2, 2021

Margaret McCarrick, of Falling Waters, browses through items in the Mary Stanley Memorial Sale on Saturday afternoon. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Community members and visitors alike turned out in droves for the Mary Stanley Memorial Sale in the War Memorial Building over the weekend.

The sale, which began with a pre-sale event for Shepherdstown Community Club members and paying attendees on Friday night, was open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. An auction of items of particular value from the sale took place on Saturday at noon.

According to first-time auctioneer Austin Slater, the 25 auction items alone brought in a little over $1,000.

“The nice thing [about the auction and sale] is that 100 percent of the purchase price is going to support the Shepherdstown Community Club’s care of the War Memorial Building and Morgan’s Grove Park,” Slater said, noting the two locations are both important community gathering spots. “People get to walk out of here with a good treasure and make a contribution to a worthy organization!”

Typically, the SCC has a couple of major annual fundraisers that help cover the costs of both locations’ maintenance. Unfortunately, one of those fundraisers, the Back Alley Garden Tour & Tea, had to be canceled to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, leaving the SCC with decreased funds. The Mary Stanley Memorial Sale ended up being one final way recently deceased Shepherdstown resident Mary Stanley helped out her community.

Shepherdstown Community Club President Jennifer Wabnitz, left, helps Leesburg, Va. resident Jan Myers shop through the clothing in the Mary Stanley Memorial Sale on Saturday afternoon. Tabitha Johnston

“She was always willing to get involved,” said Mayor Jim Auxer, after visiting the sale himself on Saturday afternoon. “She loved Shepherdstown. She was a Shepherdstown person.”

SCC President Jennifer Wabnitz agreed with Auxer, and mentioned Stanley was known among the SCC for her volunteerism, especially with the Back Alley Garden Tour & Tea.

“Everybody has been coming out, because everybody knew Mary Stanley. This sale’s a little bit of a tribute to Mary, and has helped recognize her work!” Wabnitz said. “She had some really interesting items, too!”

According to Wabnitz, the sale’s success relied heavily on a week of work by SCC volunteers, who helped move Stanley’s items, sort through them and place them in their appropriate locations in the War Memorial Building’s two stories. The sale items ranged widely, from bamboo birdcages to rugged wood wagons.

“I’m just glancing, but I’ll end up buying something,” said Falling Waters resident Margaret McCarrick, on Saturday afternoon. “I like visiting estate sales. They bring back memories of grandparents, as well as of my own childhood, like through the dolls I’ve played with. I also wanted to come, because the proceeds were going to a good cause.”

Shoppers browse through items at the Mary Stanley Memorial Sale in the War Memorial Building on Saturday afternoon. Tabitha Johnston