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Gov. Joe Manchin visits with candidates

By Staff | Oct 29, 2010

INWOOD – Blue skies, hot dogs on the grill and enthusiastic members of the Democratic party could be found at the Butler’s farm Oct. 23.

Gov. Joe Manchin was in the Eastern Panhandle last weekend to encourage his fellow campaigning candidates. John Unger, Virginia Sine, Chris Ross, Buzz Poland, Terry Walker, Don Marshall, Bill Norris and Jason Barnett all participated.

“Send me to Washington to show them how we did it here in West Virginia. We can still operate in the black and have compassion in government,” Manchin said.

He also wants to relay these messages once elected.

“We need to stop unnecessary spending. We need to keep a minimum wage, and we definitely need to say no to privatizing Medicare.”

Forty percent of West Virginia senior citizens rely on Medicare.

Manchin said, “If Medicare became privatized, those seniors may go below the poverty line.”

Lucy Smith, first vice-president of the Democratic Club and picnic organizer, was among one of the seniors listening closely to this issue. Smith has been a Manchin supporter for many years and works tirelessly for the party.

Bill Butler and his family have offered their property to the Democratic party for functions. Their barn is full of lawn signs for the different candidates.

Butler encouraged everyone to take a few home.

Del. Terry Walker of the 56th District is looking forward to winning so he can represent the people of his community in Charleston.

“The best perk of the job is being a conduit between people and the answers they need,” Walker said.

Manchin also mentioned a recent conversation with former President Bill Clinton. Clinton and Manchin were recently in Morgantown together. Clinton was present to rally support around Manchin’s run for U.S. Senate.

Clinton quipped to Manchin, “Why should Florida have three Senators and West Virginia only have one?”

He was referring to Manchin’s opponent, John Raese, and his having residence in Florida.