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Writer workshop on tap

By Staff | Dec 30, 2011

Would-be writers now have an opportunity to learn what they need to know about writing and publishing a book that can compete in today’s literary market from the critically acclaimed author of four mystery novels offered by both Jefferson County and Berkeley County Adult Education.

Mystery author Lauren Carr says the two courses she is teaching came about because of her own desire to pass on what she had to learn the hard way. “I didn’t have a mentor or literary agent when my first book came out. I had so many misconceptions and questions, but no one willing to take the time to teach me.” She says that when she is approached by writers with questions, she always makes an effort to answer them to the best of her knowledge.

On Wednesdays, starting Jan. 25, Carr will be teaching the Book Publishers Workshop from 6:45-8:45 p.m. at the Academic Center in Martinsburg through Berkeley County Adult Community Education. This class will concentrate on what goes into publishing a book after it is written. In this course, Carr will teach about various forms of publishing available now (including e-book publishing), contracts, royalties and the many other areas of publishing. She will also be covering marketing, which is crucial to a book’s success.

“Technology and the internet have opened so many doors for authors,” Carr says. “Now is the time that if you have been thinking about writing a book and publishing it, to do so. There are so many resources available on the Internet to help authors be successful without leaving their home. All they have to do is know how to use them.”

Recognizing that the publishing industry has changed vastly in a short time, Carr warns that while many doors have opened to allow anyone to publish a book, there are also a few drawbacks. “Now that the gatekeepers (literary agents and traditional publishers) are being knocked down, anyone can publish his or her book, which has flooded the market with junk. Serious authors have to take the time and effort to work on their books in order to make them rise above the junk.” Carr hopes her Book Writers Workshops (offered Tuesdays in Jefferson County and Thursdays in Berkeley County) will accomplish this mission for serious writers.

Carr is the author of four published books. Her critically acclaimed Mac Faraday Mysteries are set in the resort area of Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland.

For more information about Lauren Carr’s upcoming appearances, or books, visit her website at mysterylady.net or e-mail her at writerlaurencarr@comcast.net.