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Dreams to be explored

By Staff | Jan 13, 2012

Participants will learn the arts of dream interpretation and active dreaming as well as the theory behind the three stages of dreams. During each session, one or more participant’s dream or dreams will be explored.

Understanding one’s dreams and sharing them in a supportive group is eye opening, therapeutic and fun. Dreams come from a deep place in the psyche where people pack away issues that are often difficult to deal with consciously. When exploring the imagery within a dream, a dreamer begins to better understand these issues, therefore helping them make important life decisions. Working as a group creates a supportive network.

The workshop will be led by Dr. Evie Lotze, a retired psychology Ph.D. who spent 35 years training health care professionals in the use of the arts in the service of the psyche. Of all the many modalities she has incorporated into her practice, her focus always returns to the incorporation of Jungian psychology, the use of dreams, the hidden modern insights of myth and fairy tale and the dialogue between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. In addition to her partnership in Ways to Wellness, Dr. Lotze is co-owner, with her husband Chris, of Roxely Farms, providing all natural, range fed beef to the Harpers Ferry Community.

For more information, contact Lotze at infor@ways2wellness.org or at 304-728-7928.Visit the website at www.ways2wellness.org.